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Welcome to Just Fur Fun where you can discover how to dressy up your pets, as well as yourself – and match each other to boot! 

The Brains
Mona Straub is the founder, designer and brains behind Just Fur Fun®.  After an extensive career in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Straub switched gears and redirected her life to another path; one that would fulfill her love of animals and utilize her business savvy.  Always looking for ways to express herself where just jewelry alone wouldn’t do, she came up with the idea to dress-up her dogs, cats and horses in something different, yet elegant, that would be an expression of her…and Just Fur Fun® was born!

As a female business owner, Mona has an interest in helping other women in business and sharing her knowledge and experience.  She is inspired by successful women and would like to be an inspiration to other women seeking to develop their careers and build their businesses.  Being smart about resources and networking available to her has led Mona to become a Member of: TED Center, Florida Women's Business Center, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Administration, and Palm Beach State College Center for Business Development.  Mona was also awarded Runner-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 by Score of South Palm Beach.

Giving Back
Ms. Straub actively volunteers with a number of South Florida non-profit children and animal organizations.   Some of the non-profit organizations Just Fur Fun is involved with include:

Mona’s participation in multiple organizations for over 30 years has earned her recognition for several other Volunteer Awards.  Her philosophy of giving back began in her teens and she was named the Volunteer of the Year by Disney, making her at the time the youngest recipient of the Disney award.

A portion of profit from Just Fur Fun’s® is donated regularly to deserving organizations.  Mona also generously donates products to organizations that contact her to be used in charitable fundraisers, raffles and other drives.

The Leather
The hand-crafted and hand-stitched leather that is used for Just Fur Fun’s® leashes, collars and browbands is 100% American cowhide that is raised and tanned by an experienced Amish craftsman. It is the finest grade leather and each belt, leash and dog collar is completely made by the hand of a genuine Amish craftsman whose pride and legacy lives through his work; learning the trade from his father, who learned from his father, going back as far as five generations.  

The Beads
The bead patterns are hand-sewn in the USA by a talented team of artisans.  These craftspeople; seamstresses and others previously displaced from their jobs when so many manufacturers outsourced to other countries, have given life to our beads!  Just Fur Fun® utilizes skilled workers here in the United States, thereby keeping jobs in the United States!

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